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Providing Financial Assistance to Cayman since 2002

Cayman Islands Development Bank is ready to help you find an affordable financing program that is right for you. We offer a range of loan products including mortgage, Student loans and small business loans. We aim to cater to the economic and development needs of the people of the Cayman Islands by providing finance and technical assistance and financial counselling.

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Complete Transparency

We’re always ready with information, assistance, and access to financing that can meet your needs. Count on us to give you the full details of your bank loan transactions.

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Complete Security

CIDB adheres to many of the principles that are followed by other commercial and financial institutions in the marketplace. We ensure complete financial security for our clients.

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Range of Loans

We offer a range of loan products which from time to time are modified, enhanced or de-emphasized depending upon the economic needs of the people of The Cayman Islands.

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Financial Counselling

We understand that loan schemes can be complicated. So we make sure that our clients are familiar with the practical details and other essentials of the process before making a decision.

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About Us

Cayman Islands Development Bank (CIDB), a statutory authority wholly owned by the Cayman Islands Government, was established in March 2002. Upon enactment of the Cayman Islands Development Bank Law (2004 Revision), two former statutory financial institutions , the Agricultural and Industrial Development Board and the Housing Development Corporation were dissolved and their functions as well as there assets and liabilities were transferred to the Bank. The primary function of the Bank is to mobilize and provide financing for, as well as to promote and facilitate, the expansion and strengthening of the economic development of the Islands. As the islands’ only development bank, CIDB’s role is to complement and supplement the activities of the local commercial banks and mortgage companies. Ms. Tracy Ebanks is the President and General Manager of the Cayman Islands Development Bank (CIDB), the institution that provides locals with student, small business and mortgage loans. With more than two decades of banking experience, particularly in lending, Ms. Ebanks’ position as a board director ensured her direct involvement with CIDB management as long ago as 2002.


Cayman Islands Development Bank is ready to help you find an affordable financing program that is right for you.

CIDB offers flexible payment plans for student loans.

CIDB Is Your Reliable Source For Student loans, Small Business loans And Mortgage loans

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